What is scientific argumentation?

Scientific argumentation is the process of using evidence and reasoning to decide which of competing ideas about the natural world is best.

Why should students engage in argument from evidence?

  • When students engage in argumentation, their understanding of scientific concepts and the nature of science improves.
  • Argumentation is central to science.
  • Argument from evidence is a core practice in the Next Generation Science Standards and it will be assessed.

Learn about our Rationale.

How are the scientific practices “constructing explanations” and “engaging in argument from evidence” related yet different?

How can I support my students in engaging in argument from evidence?

Ask critical questions such as:
  • How do you know?
  • What is your evidence?
  • What is wrong with this explanation?
  • What is flawed about this model?
  • How can this argument be made more convincing?

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